Maptools Campaign File should be ready to go...

Campaign Preferences file modified to be Chaos 6010 specific, Macros created for: 120 Spells, 123 Weapons, 24 Skills, and all the Power 1 to 3 Abilities that needed Macros. Art created for 23 Effect Templates and 25 Token States...
Should be enough to run an Online Campaign from levels 1 to 14.

What does that mean? I can run a game for approximately 6+ months without having to make any updates to the workings of Maptools.

The next steps include writing and revision of the main plot, drawing maps, and designing NPC's. I have over a month from this point to have everything ready to go for the online portion of the Chronicle.

I've also decided to run a mirror tabletop game... which means I'll be running 2x Chaos games a week, and playing in a third. But, with the setting, I have near-complete creative freedom, so there's little chance of my desire to jump to a different genre.


  1. I now have a skeleton of an Open Office Character Sheet built, which will aid in Character Creation and keeping track of everything. I am hoping to have it fully functioning within a week.

  2. Both an Open Office and Excel version of the Character Sheet are now fully operational and ready to go.

  3. Character Sheet Revision 1.1 is now available.