If you enjoy the game, you can show your appreciation by making a donation which gives the Game Master the ability to focus on delivering a good game. Additionally, these donations will go toward funding Chaos 6010 projects and occasionally will allow the Game Master to give out free products. These funds will also go towards purchasing miniatures and tools to assist in running the campaign.

Donations of miniatures and terrain for the table top portion of the game, as well as refreshments, is appreciated and accepted.

Cool Point "Cheat Codes"

As has been tradition with other Chaos 6010 games, there is always a bit of recompense for donations, in the form of extra Cool Points (the Chaos 6010 equivalent of XP). This is often referred to as "Cheat Code".

While the extra Cool Points helps to give characters a few extra points here and there, and perhaps even an extra level or two, it doesn't create an overwhelming disparity between power levels of the characters. Thus, those who are incapable of donating shouldn't feel like their characters are being overshadowed by those that can.

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