The following is a list of inspirational sites, movies and music for Chaos 6010.


A Clockwork Orange-  miscreant gangs roam the streets, and urban decay is apparent.
Akira -  cycle gangs, corporate corruption, and a focus on the dehumanizing aspects of technology.
Appleseed -  technology and urban warfare gives a good feel of the chaos that can erupt in Haven.
A Scanner Darkly
Babylon A.D. -  a dystopia where mercenaries can be hired by criminal syndicates.
Blade Runner
Book of Eli -  this movie is a decent example of the survivors that dwell within the wastelands.
Constantine-  an ongoing war between darkness and light, as well as otherworldly creatures making Faustian deals and double-crossing their allegiances.

Doomsday-  another good example of the wasteland.
Ghost in the Shell 
Hellraiser Judge Dredd -  a view the wastelands...
Priest-  another film that shows how mankind remains protected in a citadel, while the horrors of the wastelands await outside.
Repo Men -  an interesting take on cybernetic replacement organs.
Robocop-  corporate corruption, wild gangs, and cybernetic police.
Sin City-  noir style tales that seem to have been taken directly from a game.
Tank Girl-  corporate corruption, punk rock chicks and desert wasteland...
Terminator: Salvation -  a view on humanity after Judgment Day, being hunted by machines.
The Crow
The Gene Generation
The Losers-  a tale of a group which could be a cast of player characters.


A Perfect Circle
Clan of Xymox

Cruciform Injection

Devil Driver
E Nomine

Gary Numan

Negative Format
Suicide Commando
Velvet Acid Christ

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