Other Characters

Cameron Wilkins

An up and coming executive at Red Star Combine, a subsidiary of megacorp Digi-Com, Wilkins has a drive to get ahead, no matter the cost. He was indicted in a case involving copyright infringement earlier in his career, a case which was later dropped, which has given his employers mixed feelings towards him.

Wilkins has assembled and hired the crew to undertake some contract work for him, undoubtedly in order to get ahead in the corporate world.

A Ro Seedi dealer down in Sector 42, he spends much of his time conducting business in the Jade Wyrm, a local nightclub known for being a little out of the way. He's known for being ruthless to those that cross him, and he rarely forgives a debt or a slight.

Rabane Ironheart

A tough dwarven mechanic that owns a large shop that specializes in upgrading and selling used vehicles. His specialty is ground vehicles, and he usually has one or two sitting in his garage, waiting for a buyer.

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