Player Characters


Played by: Jeremy B.

Sessrak stands 6 1/2 feet tall and is well muscled, yet still surprisingly agile. His scales have a bluish tint to them and his entire body is criss-crossed with scars. There is a keen intelligence reflected in his yellow eyes. He is quiet and introspective, some call him arrogant, and can usually be found either studying some kind of text, working out, or practicing with his weapons or magic.

Played by: Ray D.

Lockgar stands over seven and a half feet tall and weighs in at close to 400 lbs of pure muscle!  Agile and quick, he is not someone to insult. He tends to keep his head and body shaved of hair, when he remembers.  He has dark gray deeply scared skin, and is typically found working out, fighting or researching weapons.

Played by: Josh B.

Tuulk is average size for a Kuthalan and a devoted follower of the Light.  Beyond his life with the church not much is known.  That is because the earliest thing Tuulk can remember is waking up in a church infirmary.  His badly beaten body had been discovered not far from the church and was brought to the monks for healing.  With no memory of his former life Tuulk quickly grew to like life in the church and decided to devote the rest of his life to its service.  Always seeking balance in his life others often times find him emotionless.

Played by: Adam J. 

Rathikus is about five feet tall. While rather tall for a Tarkanys, he is rather lean. He is covered in a hodgepodge of dark gray and black fur, which seems to mask the gracefulness of his movements. Never one of those that wants the spotlight, he can often be seen in the background working on computers, doing yoga, or practicing at the local range.

GK 1047 
Played by: Adam C. 

GK 1047 stands about 6'1" tall, and weighs about 447 pounds. While he definitely was human, his body is not close to human. His head is reminiscent of a metal skull with an elongated jaw, and is fully made of metal, except for a few leftover human body parts. Wires cross along his body at irregular intervals, sparking with electricity. He wears a stylish, wicker woven hat, reminiscent of the farmers before the Age of Darkness. He wears a revolver at his side, and has a wooden walking stave usually in hand. He is generally found to be studying the area, learning of its people and important locations. If not doing that, he will be found reading of history, biology, chemistry, and literature, trying to bring back much of the knowledge that he lost. He generally does not talk, preferring silence to noise, but does like to engage in conversation occasionally, and once you get him going, he can talk for a long while, not even noticing when people stop paying attention

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