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Tonight is a bit of a "meet and greet" with the players and GM, and we'll be going over Maptools and the GM will be answering questions, and may even run a short mission.

For further information, contact the GM via email (fiveminutehallway@gmail.com)
or via Skype (b.simon.smith)



A brutal assault this morning left three people dead in Zone 7. An unidentified armed assailant entered an apartment complex and opened fire, killing three citizens and wounding five others. Police vehicles responded to the scene, however, the suspect had already fled. An investigation is ongoing, and the criminal will be apprehended.

Three hundred athletes can't be wrong! Hammond Replacements are just as good as the real thing or better! Missing a limb? Faltering health due to organ failure? Or do you need a few extra inches in the special department to satisfy your partner? All these things are possible at Hammond Replacements! Don't like the color of your eyes? Your face just not pretty enough? Too much radiation poisoning causing weird lumps and growths? Have Hammond Replacements give you the body you deserve!

The batch of overly toxic cigarettes which resulted in the deaths of two dozen customers has been identified and recalled from store shelves. Golden Boy Smokes, the manufacturing company, has been fined and an investigation is currently ongoing to determine if the contamination was intentional.

Tonight on "Final Judgment", witness the sentencing of the notorious Black Hood Bomber, Tadus Reskin, responsible for the death of fifty-three citizens in four separate bombings in under a month. Will he face Exile or Execution? Find out tonight!

An outbreak of Kana Fever is believed to have been spread through Zone 5, primarily through engaging with prostitutes. A number of known prostitutes have been admitted to medical facilities with an outbreak of the potentially deadly virus. Disease Control representatives urge everyone who may have been infected to go get tested at your local clinic.

Your look going a little stale? Have you looked at your wardrobe and wondered what you were thinking? Have you been passed by at the bar because your clothing choices are so "yesterday"? Have no fear, Vimmer's Fashions just opened in Zone 4, Area 21, carrying only the newest and freshest clothing choices and styles from such designers as Fabriache, Lamnal and Giara.

The corpse of a yet-unidentified citizen was found hanging from a pedestrian overpass in Zone 6, Area 13, Sector 4. Both the feet and hands of the victim were missing, and the face had been removed. Authorities have yet to clarify if the state of the body has any ties to a religious cult, although they are urging citizens to report any suspicious activity.

From the makers of Durple comes new Turbo Drink! Need a quick boost of energy in the morning, and your coffee just not doing it? Working all day, and you just can't seem to keep your eyes open? Try new Turbo Drink! Packed with vitamins and electrolytes, Turbo Drink has been specifically designed to give you a long lasting boost of energy! Buy Turbo Drink today!

A naked man, later identified as Daven Kopiak, was apprehended after he assaulted several other citizens in Zone 9. Kopiak was running about, his skin covered in various self-afflicted lacerations, and tackling other citizens, biting and clawing at them. The cause of his actions are still unknown.


Game Days

Thursdays -
Online game using Skype and Maptools (1.3.b87).
Starting time still up in the air, but entirely dependent upon the players.
Normally I run a 4 hour game, and I'm generally available 1 hour pre-game. However, I'm willing to extend the game if player scheduling is difficult.
A total of 6 "seats" are open for players (currently 2 of those are filled).

Saturdays -
Tabletop game in Orlando, Florida.
Starting time still up in the air, but entirely dependent upon the players.

Additionally, if there is enough interest, I may consider running additional games.