Maptools Campaign File should be ready to go...

Campaign Preferences file modified to be Chaos 6010 specific, Macros created for: 120 Spells, 123 Weapons, 24 Skills, and all the Power 1 to 3 Abilities that needed Macros. Art created for 23 Effect Templates and 25 Token States...
Should be enough to run an Online Campaign from levels 1 to 14.

What does that mean? I can run a game for approximately 6+ months without having to make any updates to the workings of Maptools.

The next steps include writing and revision of the main plot, drawing maps, and designing NPC's. I have over a month from this point to have everything ready to go for the online portion of the Chronicle.

I've also decided to run a mirror tabletop game... which means I'll be running 2x Chaos games a week, and playing in a third. But, with the setting, I have near-complete creative freedom, so there's little chance of my desire to jump to a different genre.


This campaign is currently in the early stages of development. More information will be forthcoming, but the projected launch date is early October.

The campaign will mostly be digital, handled via Maptools and Skype, and run at least one day a week. Due to the nature of the setting, there may be additional games run via tabletop, or "side quests" run during other days of the week, dependent upon player contributions and the Game Master's time frame.

The launch date and calender of events has not yet been determined. All characters will begin at 1st level, and Character Creation Rules can be found in the main Chaos 6010 rule book, found (here).